Finding Your Niche Can Be a Bitch But It Doesn't Have to Be

Finding Your Niche Can Be a Bitch But It Doesn't Have to Be by Kathy Dolbow Doran

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During this time of upheaval in the job market, and with millions of people unemployed, underemployed and for those who have nearly given up on ever becoming re-employed, people are looking for a new way to make sense out of their lives in relation to work. "Finding Your Niche Can Be a Real Bitch, But it Doesn’t Have to Be" provides a way for readers to connect with and learn from people who have discovered their calling…people like:

- Dilbert creator, cartoonist SCOTT ADAMS

- 92-year-old prayer cap designer, ROSE SERDIKOFF

- Mohammad Ali’s, fight doctor, FERDIE PACHECO

and more! Short, fun exercises provide an opportunity to interact with the interviewees and leverage their NICHE WISDOM.


About the Author

Along the way to discovering her niche, Kathy Dolbow Doran, M.S. was an English teacher, a paralegal, a flight attendant, a writer/producer/hand model in advertising, a curriculum developer, and owner of a business developing training materials for corporations, government organizations and non-profits. She is now happily helping other people find their niche.


From the Author

The average American only has about 28,000 days on this earth (77 years X 365 days). I don't think a single day should be wasted doing something you don't want to do. I wrote this book to help people find their calling because to me, nothing is more important. In the words of Henry David Thoreau, "Pursue some path, no matter how narrow and crooked in which you can walk each day with love and reverence." In other words, FIND YOUR NICHE!


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