After You are Divorced Overview

 Your Will

 Maryland"s Estates and Trusts Article (4-105(4) ) provides that your will is automatically revoked by a Judgment of Absolute Divorce or an Annulment, with respect to all provisions in the will relating to the other spouse, and only those provisions, unless the Judgment of Divorce says otherwisw. The term “relating to the other spouse” is ambiguous. For example, if your will provides for a brother or sister family of your ex-spouse, Does the bequest "relate" to your ex?  It might. It might not.  Did you have your own relationship with your ex-’s brother or sister? The important point here is----Do everyone a favor. Do a new will. Eliminate the ambiguity. Don’t leave it for a future battle within the family and within the Court!

Your Beneficiaries


Your Health Insurance


Your Attitude



Why I Am Grateful For My Divorce


Your Next Relationship


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Dating--What About the Kids?

Why Do We Marry Less?

How Technology Screws Up My Post-Divorce Dating

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