Going to Court Overview


We thought it might help you to know that Judges have their own point of view about what the lawyers and their clients do in the Courtroom. We'll start with your lawyer. If you are representing yourself, this is what you should try and imitate--it matters. 



1.   If you have "Exhibits" (Documents and records) to support your argument, they are extremely helpful to a judge. Organize them. Simple but true:  come to court with copies of your Exhibits.  The courts budget (money and time) doesnt including copying your evidence. Make enough copies for yourself, the Court and the other side.

2.   If the Court asks you how long the proceeding will take, be as accurate as you can. Then do your best to finish in that amount of time.  

3.   If you have witnesses, talk to them ahead of time. They will be nervous, so preparing in advance is a good idea. 

4.   Confine your comments to the facts of the case.  Personal attacks on an opposing lawyer or opposing party really dont get you anywhere. In fact, they usually hurt your cause and make the Judge think that maybe you are part of the problem! 

5.   If you intend to use a computer during your court appearance, be sure you have silenced pop-up reminders!  

6.   If you are going to be late for court, CALL AND SAY SO, and also tell them how  long it will be until you arrive.

7.   One time well said is enough.  Dont repeat yourself.


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