The Legal Process-Some Suggestions

TheLegal Process--Some Ideas

The "legal process” is a fancier term for the “legal steps along the way” which you will encounter as you move toward the end of your marriage. A Complaint for Divorce is at the beginning of the formal legal process. A Judgment of Divorce is at the end of the formal process. Ending the marriage means working out your differences and disagreements about the “things” and “entanglements” the two of you have created along the way, sometimes called the “ties that bind”. Think of it as “unpacking our bags”.  Issues about children (custody, visitation, child support), your future financial relationship (sometimes called alimony, spousal support or spousal maintenance) and the division of your property and debts and, of course, how to pay, and who should pay, the movers i.e. attorney's fees and costs. Dividing all that has accumulated during the course of your marriage can be brought to conclusion by you and your spouse in an agreement or, if you are unable to agree, by a Judge at the end of the process aptly named a “trial”. The following “glossary” is designed to enable you to understand, to some extent, the “jargon” of the legal system. It is the language and terminology used by lawyers, judges and others you may encounter in the “system”.  

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