What Is Divorce Express About?


Educate Yourself.   A major purpose of this Website is to provide you with the full range of information you will need to chart your own course through the process of divorce with the least amount of financial and emotional cost required to accomplish your goals. We will provide you with this information, not just to help you endure the process of divorce, but to help you take something positive out of the experience. That is how we perceive our task, and that is the way we define “help.”


The Divorce Express Network.  Divorce is not just a legal problem, although it is certainly all of that. Divorce is a process which requires you to make decisions which will affect your legal, emotional and financial well-being, not just in your current “case”, but in your future life.Our "Divorce Express Network"  consists of experienced professionals in the legal, financial, mental health and other professions who have acquired specialized knowledge directly related to the “problem” you have encountered. 


Be Realistic/Put Your Emotions In Perspective.  Your experience with divorce will be affected by your own assumptions about the process and your expectations about the results which you think can or should be achieved. A critical step in assuming some degree of control over your own divorce is to start early in the process with a set of assumptions which are as realistic as you can make them. If your goals are not realistic, or if the outcome you seek is unattainable, you are likely to become frustrated, disappointed, and/or angry at the legal system, at your attorney and at the system of justice in general. The feelings generated by these unrealistic assumptions and expectations will transcend and outlast your divorce. When that happens, your opportunity to understand, reflect upon and learn from the sometimes painful lessons incident to the severance of a marital relationship are usually lost.


The Glass is Still Half Full.    It is our hope that the knowledge we can provide will enable you to give the experience of divorce a positive meaning in the context of your own experience. No easy task. It is our hope that the broad range or information available on this Website will enhance your chances of achieving the goals you have defined for yourself. Of equal importance, we hope it will help to improve the chances that you can move forward with your life without getting trapped in the "box where time doesn’t pass " i.e., where resentment, blame and guilt inhibit and infect your forward movement.

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