Divorce Express

The New Ground Rules 


Rule 1: Full and Prompt Disclosure of Financial Information

You must be willing to put the financial facts "on the table" as a very first step. You may have some strong disagreements about what is a “fair result”. Our process does not ask you to give up your disagreements. We ask only if you agree to use a process that is "fair". The mutual disclosure should be open, honest, complete and prompt. Do not agree to do so lightly. It may be to your tactical advantage to be very selective about the information you reveal. Revealing only what fits your pre-conceived notion of how to obtain the "best" result is permissible and ofter effective in legal advocacy. Perhaps the most time consuming, costly and frustrating aspect of resolving marital disputes in the formal legal system is the “gathering of the facts”. The rules of “disclosure” in the legal system are premised upon mutual distrust. The formal and coercive rules of discovery are a needed and necessary process for divorcing couples who seek a competitive edge by “shading” the facts. The use of subpoena power and the threat of punishment by contempt back up the process known as “discovery”. It is a needed and necessary process for many divorcing couples. But for others, it is not. It is this latter group Divorce Express hopes to assist in some very concrete and positive ways By agreeing to Rule One, it becomes more likely that both you and your spouse can both walk away at the end of the process feeling that they have been treated fairly. If that is important to you, then Divorce Express is an alternative you should consider. The process is designed so the divorcing couples participate in this important initial phase without the additional costs which accompany that process in the legal system .

Rule 2: Sharing the Cost of Divorce

The cost of getting a divorce is an expense which needs to be shared equitably, and the decision about what is equitable needs to be made at the beginning, not the end, of the process. Again, do not agree to this lightly. If you are in a financially stronger position than is your spouse, it can often be used to your tactical advantage in the legal system.

Rule 3: The Process, Particularly Issues Involving Children, Must Be Addressed Promptly

It is wise to have the process ended as quickly as practicable. Doing so allows everyone to move on with their separate lives as quickly as their emotions will permit.The longer it takes to resolve, the more it costs, both financially and emotionally.  Divorce Express can help. It is not unusual for the “average” contested divorce case to take over two years to come to its conclusion. If the participants are willing to abide by our “new rules”, Divorce Express will have your divorce finalized in most cases in less than six months. Divorce Express will direct you promptly through mediation and/or private arbitration. 


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