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The Mediator


You Pick Your Mediator

At that point in the process when mediation is appropriate, you will be asked to select a mediator. Within the Divorce Express Network are mediators with significant experience in family law matters who have agreed to perform this task. You are not obligated to select a mediator from our Network. However, our Website will provide you with a list of possible mediators we know to be capable, and we will give you detailed biographical information to assist you in the selection. If the two of you cannot agree, you can authorize our Coordinator to make the selection.

Is the Mediator a Lawyer or a Mental Health Professional?

The mediator is typically an individual with a background and expertise in financial and/or parenting issues involved in the particular situation. The mediation of issues relating to children may require a background and expertise different from the background and qualifications of mediating financial issues.

Will It Work?

Unless both of you, despite your differences, are “committed” to reaching an agreement, it will not work. There must be a mutual willingness, however reluctant it may be, to make the compromises and concessions every successful negotiation depends upon.

Mediator Is Impartial

The mediator does not represent the interests of either of you. The mediator is not an advocate for either of you, nor is the Mediator a judge.  Divorce Express believes that you can make more intelligent decisions about your own affairs and to achieve an outcome suited to your respective needs. We have tried to include within our Network Mediators who support that philosophy.

Detailed Summary of Your Case

Our Coordinator will provide your mediator with the same summary and information which was earlier provided to your Analyst. You will receive their copy of whatever is provided.

Meeting With the Mediator

Our Coordinator will assist you in scheduling a meeting with the mediator you choose. 


The mediator charges an hourly rate, and their rates are listed in the information provided for each on the Website.

Your Own Lawyer? 

Although the parties engage in settlement discussions with the assistance of a mediator, both parties are free to consult with a lawyer at any time. Lawyers are not usually present during the sessions with the mediator.  However, consulting with an attorney during mediation is often done.

The Next Step? 

I If agreement is reached, the mediator will compile a summary of the agreement and provide it to our Coordinator. Our Coordinator will have one of our consulting attorneys draft a Settlement Agreement in a format for reviews by your own attorneys. If no agreement can be reached, our Coordinator will direct you to our Arbitration division to address those matters in binding arbitration for the financial matters.

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