Divorce Express

When Children Are Involved


Before You Start

Start at any Stage of the Process

A Participant can enter the Divorce Express process at any point, even if they have already mediated elsewhere without success.

Spouse Not Willing to Cooperate?  

If one participant is unwilling to participate in the Divorce Express  process, the other participant can benefit by advice from the Divorce  Express Divorce and its Divorce and Parenting Consultants.

Attorneys Welcome

At any stage of the process, either or both of the participants may consult an attorney. 

First Steps


Contact Divorce Express by telephone, E-mail or via the Divorce Express Website.


 After consultation with a Coordinator, sign your agreement with Divorce Express and pay the required fee.


The Coordinator will immediately provides each of you with the Divorce Express Introductory and Instructional Materials. These generally consist of the following:

a.      Disclosure Agreement.

b.      Detailed History and Information Sheet.

c.      Statement of Earnings.

d.      Statement of Assets and Liabilities.

e.      Statement of Monthly Family Expenses (a) When last residing  together and (b) Anticipated after separation.


The requested information is to submitted to the Coordinator  within thirty days.  During that thirty days, the Coordinator will  be available to either participant to answer questions.



When the information is submitted to the Coordinator, the Coordinator will review and analyze the sufficiency of the information and immediately provide copies of each submission to both of you.

The Next Step-The Parenting Consultant

Select and Schedule

The Coordinator promptly schedules a meeting for you with a parenting Consultant. You will choose the Parenting Consultant, although the Coordinator will assist you by giving you full and complete information about the Parenting Consultants with whom we are familiar and in whom we have confidence.


You will meet with the Parenting Consultant with respect to the issues involving your children.



The Parenting Consultant will make further recommebndations to you about the way in which the two of you can make decisions, share contact with your children and minimize the effects of the divorce upon your children. 


Parenting Plan

If you are able to reach an agreement, a Parenting Plan will be drafted by one of our consulting attorneys in a format you can submit to your respective attorneys for review.



If there are still some issues to be resolved, the Parenting Consultant will so advise our coordinator.



Our Coordinator will then assist you in selecting A Mediator to assisit the two of you in exoploring other options and coming to an agreement on the difficult issues.


You will then meet with the Mediator.


If an agreeent is then reached, a Parenting Plan will be drafted by one of our consulting attorneys in a format you can submit to your respective attorneys for review.


At any stage of ths process, and if you want to have an impartial opinion about the range of possible outcomes of any custody dispute, the length of time it would take, and the amount it might cost. You can select one of our Analysts to give you such an informed opinion.  Our Coordinator would assist you in  making the selectuion and arranging for you to meet with the Analyst. 

Recommended Next Steps

Retain an Attorney

If the parties are unable to reach an agreement on matters relating to the custody of their children, binding arbitration is not possible, and the parties will need to retain their own attorneys if they have not already done so. 

Settlement Agreements

At any stage of this process, when the parties reach an agreement on all or some of the issues, a signed and notarized Settlement Agreement will be prepared. This can  be done by the attorney for one of the participants, or it can be done by an attorney or attorneys in the Divorce Express Network as selected separately by the individual Participants.

Finalizing The Divorce

When the process is complete, whether by means of a marital Settlement Agreement or a decision from an Arbitrator, a Complaint for Divorce must then be filed in the Circuit Court having jurisdiction over the marriage in question.  The hearing on an “Uncontested Divorce” is quite simple.  It can be done “pro se” [without counsel for either participant], or it can be done if one or both Participants  have counsel. That can be counsel of the participants  own choosing or, upon request, Divorce Express will provide names of attorneys in the Divorce Express Network.

Consult  An Attorney

At all stages of this process, either participant may wish to retain their own attorney.  Divorce Express encourages each participant to do so. In the alternative, either participant may wish to consult with an attorney to evaluate what they have been hearing and/or what they are considering in an agreement. This would involve a much narrower role than attorneys play in the traditional legal system. However, it is no less important. Divorce Express encourages that kind of consultation. It is not, however, mandatory. Divorce Express respects whatever decision  participants  make in that regard.

 How Long Does This Take? 

Divorce Express makes no guarantees about how long this process will take. There are too many variables to make an accurate prediction. However, if Steps 1-9 have are completed expeditiously,  your divorce can be finalized within 6 months.

How Much Does It Cost?

Cost is $1000.00 for the “Financial Analysis”—plus whatever costs are incurred for appraisals:  The process is done by you (with whatever assistance you choose to avail yourself of as you go)….with the process coordinated by the Divorce Express Coordinator.



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