Divorce Express

A Network of Competent and Reliable Professionals


William T. Kerr. Esq. (Bregel & Kerr, Towson, MD) and Stephanie Donahue, Esq. (The Donahue Law Firm, Annapolis, MD) are the Coordinators of the Divorce Express Professional Network.


  The Network consists of professionals who are known by the Coordinators to be competent, experienced and dedicated to their disciplines. The Divorce Express Network is organized so you will be able to make a selection of a professional with as much information as we can give you. You will be able to review their websites and their curriculum vitaes or resumes by clicking on their names. We think you will find this to be of considerable assistance, and we hope it gives you some reassurance.


We repeat, this is not a Website created to advertise. It is a Website created to inform and assist. We will add or delete from the network as our experience evolves, and we will ask you to share your experiences with us as well to insure the broadest possible data base.


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