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The Parenting Consultant

A Parenting Consultant is a licensed mental health professional with experience in working with parents and children who are in the midst of divorce, custody or parenting issues.  A Parenting Consultant will help you maintain a constructive focus on the needs of your children and will provide you with information and guidance which will be of invaluable assistance throughout this process. When appropriate, a Parenting Consultant will assist you in developing an effective parenting plan.

In a very similar vein, consider Risa Garon's thoughts about what some call a "Child Specialist".

How Can A Parenting Consultant Help?

A Parenting Consultant is in a unique position to provide assistance to the family. Working with the parents, A Parenting Consultant is able to inform parents about common reactions children have to divorce, discuss developmental and practical considerations important to making parenting arrangements, and assist parents in developing realistic parenting time plans. Additionally, parents who have had positive experience with A Parenting Consultant have the benefit of a qualified  professional who can provide assistance as the needs of the family change over time.

Parenting Issues Are Addressed Separately

Divorce Express addresses parenting issues (a) early (b) separate from all other issues and (c) in very concrete ways.

How Is A Parenting Consultant They Selected?

You retain control over whether to use these services, and who you wish to use. There is no requirement that you use the services of the professionals we have chosen to include in our Network, although we recommend that you do so.The Divorce Express Network includes mental health professionals with expertise, interest and enthusiasm for resolving these delicate family matters in a constructive manner and with an eye toward long term positive results for your family. Full and complete biographical data of those we have chosen to include in our Network is available on this Website to assist you in the selection.

Practical Advice

A Parenting Consultant is an educator and a guide. They give you ideas. It is as simple as it is important.  For example:

“What Do we tell  the children?

How do we tell them we are separating?

When should we tell them?

What is best for our children?

We hate each other and we do not communicate—so what should we do?

My son is acting out—I think he’s using drugs/alcohol.

My Husband/Wife is an alcoholic. What should I do about the kids?

My daughter is 10 years old, and she won’t visit her father, what should I do?  

A Parenting Consultant will address not only what you can do, but how you can go about doing it. Divorce Express believes this to be one of the important one or two hours you can spend to prepare wisely for your divorce.

The Least Detrimental Alternative

Agreeing to sit down and talk to someone at the beginning of the process is a step many people never take.  They retain attorneys to make use of the adversarial process to attain their goals.  There is nothing inherently wrong about that approach to the problem. However, it is wiser (and your children will someday thank you) to look carefully before you leap into those difficult waters.

What If My Spouse Won’t Agree To Consult Someone? 

Even if one of you is unwilling to participate in the Divorce Express process, the other spouse can benefit from participating with a Divorce Express Parenting Consultant. They can help you resolve the inevitable questions and uncertainty about the possible effects of a divorce on the family after it is “restructured”. 



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