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Do You Want an Analyst? You Pick Your Own

Immediately after you have provided your financial information, you will decide whether you would like the assistance of an be Analyst. Within the Divorce Express Network are former Judges and/or attorneys with long and significant experience in family law cases who have agreed to perform this task for you. You are not obligated to select an Analyst, and you are not obligated to select an Analyst from our Network. However, our Website will provide you with a list of possible analysts we know to be capable, and we will give you detailed biographical information to assist you in the selection. If the two of you cannot agree, you can authorize our Coordinator to make the selection.

Analyst Does Not Represent Either of You

The analyst does not represent the interests of either party. He or she is in an “advisory” role only. The Analyst is there to educate---not to advocate the interests of anyone.  Divorce Express believes that you can make more intelligent, and prompt decisions if you have this information at the beginning of the process---not at the end.

Detailed Summary of Your Case

Summary from Coordinator

The Analyst will be provided a detailed summary and analysis of your case by our Coordinator.


The Analyst charges an hourly rate, and their rates are listed in the information provided for each on the Website.

Meeting With The Analyst

You and your spouse will meet with the Analyst you choose. The purpose of this meeting will be:

“The Range of the Reasonable”

To explain to you how your case might be resolved in the Court system. Every case is unique, and every Judge is likely to have a different set of attitudes and beliefs. Outcomes cannot be predicted with clarity. But outcomes can be predicted within a “range of the reasonable” by those with experience.  The sooner you and your spouse know this range, the sooner you can begin to negotiate with some degree of assurance and a reasonable set of expectations.

More Creative Alternatives

What a Court might decide in your situation helps all of us define what is “normal”. However, it is your life. The two of you are entitled to apply your own principles and values to achieve an outcome suited to your respective needs. At times, “the law” is not particularly creative, so the analyst will pose other alternatives for you to consider if you wish.  

Analyst Recommends The Next Step

The Analyst will also recommend the next step or steps you might take to resolve your differences. That might include:

1. More direct negotiations.

2. Mediation.

3. Arbitration.

Report To Coordinator

 The Analyst will report the progress and status to the Divorce Express Coordinator, and the process will continue as needed.

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