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Getting Started-Welcome To Divorce Express

By entering the process, you have affirmed that it is your desire and intent to bring your marriage to an end, and that you want to fully and finally resolve all of the financial and child related issues which need resolving. Divorce Express fully understands that the you and your spouse have disagreements which need resolution, but that you want to do so "in the right way".  Divorce Express also assumes that a fair resolution of whatever issues exist begins with full and frank disclosure of the information relevant to your dispute. By starting with that assumption, you will save yourself and your family a significant amount of money and emotional turmoil. Divorce Express congratulates you. So lets get started.

How To Begin

Make The Call

You can discuss our services with Divorce Express by calling ….

Consider A Lawyer

If you are ready to proceed, and depending upon your situation, Divorce Express may ask that you retain an attorney to consult with on an as needed basis as you proceed through the process.

The Instructional Package-Let's Begin

When you contact Divorce Express and pay the initial fee, you will promptly be e-mailed our Instructional Package. It consists of an agreement between yourself and Divorce Express regarding the divorce process, fees and your right to withdraw from the process if you later decide to do so—although we hope you will not make that choice.

Complete The Forms Thoroughly-They Are Important

The Instructional Package will include forms and authorizations for the release of records. These will accelerate the full and mutual disclosure of all financial information  and will help insure that the issues will be resolved as rapidly as the situation permit.

Divorce Coordinator

When you have completed the Instructional Package, it is sent to our Divorce Coordinator. The Coordinator will organize and summarize the data in a format for you to review.You will have an opportunity to add or amend, as the case may be, to make certain it says what you want it to say.

Choose Your Analyst

You will then jointly select the Analyst from (a) from the Divorce Express Network ( full biographical data will be available on this Website). You are free to select your own Analyst outside of the Network also.  If you cannot agree upon a selection, the Coordinator will make the selection.

Meet With Your Analyst

The Divorce Express Coordinator will schedule a conference with you and the Analyst. These typically take two hours, and the two of you will be expected to pay the Analyst for the time spent. Additional sessions will be scheduled as needed. The Analyst will give you an impartial opinion of  the possible outcomes in your case.

Still Not Resolved? The Next Step


If you can't yet agree, the Analyst will direct you to our Mediation Division, or to our Arbitration Division. You jointly select the Mediator from (a) the Divorce Express Network (full biographical data will be available on this Websit). You are free to select your own mediator outside of the Network. If you cannot agree upon a selection, the Coordinator will make the selection. 

Or Go Straight To "Go"

If Mediation appears to be pointless, you would be assigned to our Arbitration Division. Same rules of selection apply. Typically, the Arbitration Division enters the picture only if Mediation does not result in an Agreement, although in some cases, the Arbitration Division can become involved if it is the consensus that Mediation would not be fruitful.

How Fast Can We Go?

If Step 4 has been fully complied with to the satisfaction of yourself, your spouse and your respective attorneys, your divorce can be finalized within 3-6 months. Whether resolved by Agreement or Arbitration, it must still be approved by the Court. If all goes well, that means an uncontested divorce hearing.

If We Need Experts? 

If the services of an “expert” are needed, Divorce Express will make available to you “experts” who Divorce Express has selected for their experience, fairness, balance and reasonable fees. To the extent possible, we prefer to avoid the cost and expense associated with the hiring of competing experts who each, in effect, advocate the cause of the person by whom they are being paid.

Children and Custody Issues

In custody matters, Divorce Express has also drawn together, as its affiliates, mental health professionals with expertise, interest and enthusiasm for resolving these delicate family matters in a constructive manner with an eye toward long term positive results for the family. Here again, you and your spouse maintain control over the decision of whether to use these services, and who you wish to use. There is no requirement that you use the services of our affiliates.

Drafting the Agreement 

When an Agreement is reached, Divorce Express attorneys will draft an agreement for each of you to take to your own attorneys, unless you prefer to have your own attorney draft the agreement.

I Started With An Attorney--Can I Come to You?  

You can enter the Divorce Express process at any point. If you have mediated without success, you can enter the Divorce express process at that point. Our Coordinator would assist you in selecting an Arbitrator to whom your dispute can be referred, or the Coordinator will make whatever other suggestions are helpful and practical at that point in time.

Can I Get Out of Divorce Express If I Do Not Like It?

You can leave the Divorce Express process at any point, except after the process of binding arbitration is under way.


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