Divorce Express


How It Works 


The First Contact

If you are considering Divorce Express, your first step is here: Contact Us.In the email, please provide the best way for us to contact you. Within 24 hours, you will be contacted. We will contact you and (1) Discuss Divorce Express with you or, if you wish, (b) schedule a one-half hour free consultation to discuss our approach. Either you, or you and your spouse, may attend the consultation.

The Agreement 

When you wish to proceed, you will again Contact Us. You will be sent our “Retention Agreement”.  A fee of $500.00 will be required at the beginning. It will be retained in an escrow account to be later applied to your bill. When the signed agreement and the retention fee are received, our Coordinator will arrange our first meeting.

The First Meeting

The first meeting will typically with be both of you, although just one of you, at this stage, is perfectly acceptable. In the first meeting, we will create a “Plan of Action”, appropriate to your situation. That might include:

1.  How financial information is to be collected, shared and organized. It could be by the two of   you, by your attorneys or with the aid of our Coordinator.

2.  A plan for addressing issues involving your children. The plan will be separate from the financial issues.

3.  Referral to an Analyst (See Section on Role of Analyst).

4.  Mediation by a member of our Network, or by a Mediator of your own selection.

5.  A discussion of the steps to be taken if you cannot resolve the matter with the input of the mediator, or by mediation.

6.  The foregoing will be set forth in a predicted time-line.

7.  The costs of each stage will be discussed and estimated.

8.  If you do not have legal representation, we will recommend several choices if you wish us to do so.

9.  Anything else that fits your situation.

Full and Honest Disclosure-First/Not Last 

The “Retention Agreement” will provide that you are willing to completely disclose the financial information relevant in your divorce. What is "relevant" differs in each case. If you have not done this on your own, or with your attorney(s), Divorce Express will give you the assistance you need at this early stage. Working with our Coordinator should significantly reduce the costs which accompany that process in the legal system.

The Summary

Our Coordinator will organize and present a summary of the relevant information, both financial and otherwise, with whatever supplements of factual background you wish to add.

The Children

If there are issues involving children, Divorce Express will recommend a separate course of action to resolve those issues, including the involvement of appropriate and qualified mental health professionals. See "The Parenting Consutant".  They are a critical part of this process.

The Divorce Analyst

At the start of the process, you  will  have the option of meeting with a Divorce  Analyst. The Analyst acts as an independent and impartial advisor, not as the attorney for either of you. The Analyst He or will give you an impartial opinion about the range of possible outcomes in your case. The Analyst could be a retired judge, or an experienced family lawyer. The selection of an Analyst would be by you.We will assist you by giving  you detailed biographical information about Analysts we respect, although you are free to select anyone you wish.

The Next Best Step

If you elect not to use an Analyst (which is your choice), we will guide you through the process. You may want or need help along the way from attorneys, financial advisors, other experts, mediators, or arbitrators. Divorce Express welcomes their participation, and may even insist upon it, as we will help guide you through the process.


If you cannot work out all your differences with your spouse on your own, mediation will be a prime option unless, circumstances indicate that it would be pointless. Divorce Express has capable mediators in its Network. However, you are absolutely fre to select your own. If you do (and with your permission), we would provide your Mediator with our Summary and any financial data which has been collwcted. Your Mediator will not have to reinvent that wheel!

The Final Step-Arbitration

If no agreement can be reached, or if only some of the issues are resolved, the disagreements  will be submitted to binding arbitration. The Arbitrator will be a retired judge, or an experienced family lawyer, who you may select from  our Network and the detailed biographical information available on our Website, although you are absolutely entitled toi select your own.

Settlement Agreement

When an agreement is reached, a written Settlement Agreement will be prepared. It may be prepared by your own attorney, by a mediator, or by anyone else you select. In any case, it should thereafter be reviewed by your own attorney. Remember, Divorce Express does not, and cannot, represent the conflicting interests of both of you.

Your Own Attorney

If you wish to retain your own attorney as you go through this process, you should do so. On some occasions, we may recommend, or even insist, that you do so. it is, in the end, up to you. Rather than pay a retainer to an attorney, you can reduce your costs by consulting with an attorney on an as needed basis to evaluate what you are considering along the way, or to draft, or to evaluate, a Settlement Agreement. Divorce Express respects whatever decision you make in that regard. 

How Quickly Can This Happen? 

Divorce express makes no guarantees about how long this process will take. We try to guide you through this maze as quickly as your situation permits. There are too many variables to make an accurate prediction. However, we are confident that the process can be completed in a six-twelve month time frame in most situations.

Am I Divorced?

When the process is complete, a Complaint for Divorce must  be filed in the Circuit Court having jurisdiction over your case. Given what has been done, an “Uncontested Divorce” is quite simple. It can be done “pro se” [by you without attorneys], or it can be done by an attorney on your behalf. Divorce Express will provide names of attorneys its Network as appropriate. But again, they are recommendations only. You are free to select your own.


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